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Brushes, page 2


Download Photoshop abr file set 25 (Right-click save)


Download Photoshop abr file set 31 (Right-click save)


Download Photoshop abr file set 39 (Right-click save)


Download Photoshop abr file set 40 (Right-click save)


Download Photoshop abr file set 43

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All brushes are either made in Photoshop or from photographs I took.

  1. To use the brushes unzip the file. (In Winzip, open the file, highlight it, and choose extract.
  2. Place the ABR file in your brushes folder. If you have Windows and are using Photoshop it will probably be Drive C -> Program Files -> Adobe -> Photoshop [version] -> Presets -> Brushes.
  3. Open Photoshop. The brushes should be available when you click on brushes. If not click on "Load brushes". The abr files are named brushesws#.abr (ie brushesws1.abr).
  4. Please follow The Terms of Use for Graphics Resources.
  5. I deleted some of the older brush sets.